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Kerry's Stats:
B-day: Dec 9, 1978
Height : 5' 4"
Weight : 128 lbs
Stats : 42-27-37
Bra: 34F
Lives: Gosport, England

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A Kerry Marie Welcome

As you can see, Kerry Marie is English, with just a touch of Greek, which is why she has a rather exotic look. She was born under the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer, so she'll be shooting love arrows your way, (and as a Fire Sign, you can be sure she's always hot!) and the Chinese sign of the Horse (so she's quite a free spirit). In her site you can see what a passionate person she is by nature, and she definitely loves sex. She's a dancer and a model, so of course Kerry Marie loves to show her body for your entertainment. Kerry Marie just loves being in Scoreland and Voluptuous

"They're so sexy and absolutely brilliant! And I'm so grateful to have so many big boob admirers, just like you. It feels like you're making love to me twenty-four hours a day. Oooh, what an exciting idea that is!"

~Kerry Marie

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Kerry Marie The Dancer

"I prefer modeling to dancing because dancing is quite hard work, and when I travel the country all the time, the hours are long and I'm away from home (Gosport) quite a bit. Dancing is quite tiring and draining. And the money, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. At least with modeling, you always know what you're gonna get. I was table dancing and lap dancing for the Sunday Sport newspaper, which is a roadshow that they do over in England. We travel the country and one day I was working at a venue in London. Linsey Dawn McKenzie came in and started chatting with me. She said she had someone who would be interested in shooting me for the big boob magazines. That was about three years ago. It was Linsey Dawn who got me in touch with
Scoreland and Voluptuous, so thank you, Linsey."

That bears repeating: Thank you, Linsey!

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